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A blog for women who want to look great... while keeping in mind that they may have spit up, snot or cheerios added as accessories at any given point in a day. This is a fashion blog for realistic moms with style.
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Relaxed look for a chucks & stripes kind of day. #fashion

Cutest summer outfits for little girls. Complete with Converse kicks :)

(via lose-yourself-ttonight)

My look of the day. Pink striped blazer, skinny jeans and converse.

My fashion inspiration for today.
Converse canvas shoes

Converse. For teens…and run-off-their-feet moms ;)

My look for today. Polished blazer & chic top, meet my giant flower ring & chucks :)

Leather jacket with hoodie is one of my favourite combos. Now, as a mom, I may not wear such short cut offs, but they are super cute!